How Crab & Little started and all about our Netslix

Fitting for a brand that’s all about happy sunny days, Crab & Little’s first sidesteps into the world were made in the South of France.

Founder Emma Thornton was working as a chef in a beautiful villa on the Cote D’Azur. Days were spent preparing delicious food to be eaten on the terrace.

But, even in paradise there can be niggles. Emma noticed that meals were always interrupted by the owner’s three boys complaining about sitting in their swimwear. Itchy netting made mealtime scratchy.

How, Emma wondered, might swim shorts feel if they were designed to sit in as well as to swim in. How could she make men’s swimwear with gorgeous softness at its heart?

As with most things luxe, the answer can usually be found in Italy. Emma searched extensively to find a maker who could produce a seam-free mesh which would be soft and smooth against the skin. No more itchiness or scratchiness became her obsessive mantra. The mesh, when she finally found it, she christened Netslix. It’s at the heart of every pair of Crab & Little swim shorts.

Beneath the fig and peach trees she started sketching her very first designs. In her black Moleskine notebook (she’s obsessed with those too) she drew what would become the jaunty Eton Mess. As she worked, she listened to Wimbledon on the radio. The design became infused with the light of the South of France and the yumminess of English strawberries. Her second design, Ugly Duckling, waddled hot on its heels.

Her first delivery of 300 pairs arrived in May 2020. In June 2020, Vanity Fair chose them as one of their Father’s Day gift picks.

Crab & Little is now all set to side-step into your suitcase.

Your skin will thank you for it, and lunches just got longer.