Why Crab & Little are the most comfortable swim shorts ever…

At Crab & Little we’re OBSESSED with skin-soft swimwear.

Crab & Little swim shorts are all about the feels. Our number one aim is to provide an alternative to the horrible internal netting most  are made with. We’ve designed Crab & Little swim shorts to be as brilliant to sit in as to swim in. At the heart of them is our gorgeous soft mesh which we call Netslix.

If you’ve ever sat in trunks that are itchy and scratchy, our super-soft, seam-free, double-edged Netslix is dreamy for your skin. For the smoothest beach bum ever, they’re made in quick-drying nylon with our bespoke super-soft mesh. Lunch at the beach or around the pool has never been so comfy.

We’re all about the detail in our mission to eliminate anything that makes wearing swim shorts scratchy.  It’s not only the mesh that caught our beady eye. We’ve banished Velcro pocket seals. Instead, Crab & Little pockets have a neat, smooth button. Within the pocket there’s a clever little loop so they can be hung up to dry. The pockets themselves are made with Netslix to prevent annoying ballooning. Our bespoke herringbone cord ties are tipped with smooth polished metal, lightly weighted to keep the bow secure without being clunky.

At Crab & Little we bring you the best of both worlds with swim shorts that look and feel good.

Our bright, zesty prints evoke sunshine-filled, happy days. Our clever fabrics and design are all about soft, flexible comfort.

Welcome to the swim shorts your skin will thank you for.